Why an annual fee?
As many physicians have reduced their services or ended their practice of primary care, I began charging an annual fee of my patients in 2009 in order to continue to provide a full range of primary care internal medicine with emphasis on quality and service for persons under my care. This fee allows you to receive your medical care by a doctor who provides:

Does the annual fee cover medical services?
No, it is important that members of this practice understand that no part of the annual fee covers any of the medical services considered to be a covered benefit by your insurance.

Is it necessary to maintain my health insurance as a member of this practice?
Yes, this type of medical practice is not an insurance program.

What if I need to contact Dr. Sweigert?
The best way to reach Dr. Sweigert during normal office hours while he is seeing patients is to call his office. After office hours and on weekends Dr. Sweigert is best reached on his cell phone. Non-urgent issues and requests for medication refills can be made via e-mail using the secure patient portal.

What if I have an emergency?
If you experience a medical emergency call 911 or present to the nearest emergency room immediately. If necessary Dr. Sweigert will be contacted by the emergency physician providing your care. Once the emergency condition is stabilized, you or a family member can call Dr. Sweigert to invite his participation in your care.

Is Dr. Sweigert a Medicare provider?

Will any part of the annual fee be paid by Medicare or other insurance?
No. Some Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts may allow all or part of the annual fee to considered an eligible expense. It is recommended that persons check with their FSA/HSA account administrator or accountant.

Who will be covering for Dr. Sweigert when he is unavailable?
Dr. Sweigert shares on call responsibility with a group of internists in our community. Whether or not Dr. Sweigert is on call for the other physicians, he is on call for members of his practice nearly 24/7/365. If Dr. Sweigert is unavailable, his cell phone will have a message with the phone number of the covering physician.

Is Dr. Sweigert board certified?
Yes, Dr. Sweigert is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine having successfully completed his ten year recertification in 2013. He is also a Fellow of The American College of Physicians having achieved Fellowship in 2013.

Does Dr. Sweigert use electronic medical records?
Yes, Dr. Sweigert has a fully integrated electronic medical record and practice manage-ment system with a secure Patient Portal that allows you to communicate with him by e-mail. The Electronic Health Record program used by Dr. Sweigert’s office is provided by Athenahealth.