Provide a full range of quality primary care internal medicine services for adults age 18 to 100+ in a comfortable atmosphere that inspires trust and confidence;  To actively participate in governmental and policy issues that affect the profession of medicine;  To be involved in the mentoring and training of medical students and young physicians;  To creatively promote healthy lifestyles within our Napa Community.


As a physician I believe that it is a privilege and a great responsibility to practice medicine. I also believe that people have a right and responsibility to quality affordable medical care.

Health is not just the absence of disease because I see many people in my office who have been diagnosed with a disease yet I consider them to be healthy. I believe that health reflects a personal energy that enables an individual, no matter their medical diagnoses, to contribute in some positive way and in any degree to the improvement of the human condition.

Medicine is a science, healing is an art and healthcare is a business.

I have always attempted to view life from the glass-half-full perspective. I also recognize that being incredibly fortunate throughout my life has allowed me to maintain this perspective.