“Paul Sweigert became my doctor more than a decade ago. I recently became quite ill and within a couple of hours Paul was at my house, diagnosed what was wrong, and had me on the mend. I believe without his speedy service that I would have been hospitalized the next day. To me, this is an important feature of Personalized Healthcare, and my wife and I feel it is value added to our lives.”

“Dr. Sweigert is very considerate and conscientious, and allows me to take as much time as is needed for each visit. When I have a problem I get an immediate response – I recently told him that my hip was bothering me and Dr. Sweigert responded immediately, ordering tests and working out a treatment plan with me.”

“I was scheduled for a simple surgery. After reviewing my file again, Dr. Sweigert called me and suggested I not do the surgery. He didn’t think I should have general anesthesia, and recommended I have some tests done. The tests revealed that I needed open heart surgery. I believe Dr. Sweigert saved my life. He is always available, and it gives me comfort knowing I can reach him at any time day or night.”